We’re introducing Mulberry Young Writers

Children learning at home is one of our passions. And we know that at the start of the year, kids can find it difficult to get motivated to write again after all that time off.

So at Mulberry Magazine, we've introduced a new section…

Mulberry Young Writers is designed directly for kids. In this section homeschooled kids will havethe chance to have their writing published (young adults over 16 can be published in the regular adults’ magazine).

This is the perfect way for your child to get motivated to write (there’s nothing quite so exciting as seeing your words in print!). Or perhaps your child's passion is writing, and they want to be an author or writer someday. This is perfect for them as well!

How to submit work

It's easy to send your work! Just head to this page and upload your writing. We’ll let you know via email if you’ll be published in the next issue.

We look forward to reading your writing!