Praise from our readers

"As a small family that is new to home education and Unschooling, Mulberry Magazine is yet another example of how remarkable our homeschooling community is here in Australia. It might not seem such a big task to those that don't know but I appreciate all your hard work and the mammoth effort required by your team to pull this magazine together.

I personally appreciate your efforts... and I want you ALL to know that you are doing a fabulous job, that you ARE appreciated and that this tactile magazine is such a unique and valuable resource for all Australian home educators. I cannot wait to place this gorgeous Mag on my coffee table to 'show off' what we do in our family. CONGRATULATIONS on getting this far and I soooo look forward to holding and reading "our Mag" very soon!"   
Robyn, Redcliffe, QLD

"Our family is currently travelling in Croatia and I'm out of touch (and missing) all my homeschooling buddies in Australia. The Mulberry magazine download tonight was just FANTASTIC!!! Inspiring, fun, and a breath of fresh air in our travel hectic life at the moment. THANK YOU for the awesome job that you are doing."   Melissa Awde, Toowoomba, QLD

"I was able to have a little look last night at your latest Issue and as per usual, it is lovely. For me, a Homeschooling Mum of two girls, 16 and 7 years old, it is a real comfort. Your publication is real, genuine and so grounded... something I find of complete value whilst living in a society that can at times be highly critical of families doing things left of mainstream. I absolutely applaud you and the lovely Grace and the work you are doing. We look forward to savouring many more issues of Mulberry to come."   Kate Burkhardt

"I just finished reading the magazine yesterday and I love it. I look forward to the future releases. We're new to unschooling/homeschooling with all our children under 4 at present but love the ideas in the article from Beverley Paine about record keeping which I'm trying to get into the habit of now so it's second nature when the time comes for it to be required. I also loved the unstructured learning article - really I loved it all! Can't wait for Issue Three!"   Karah Ellis-Smith, Brisbane, QLD

“I'm a huge fan of homeschooling magazines - when I was a young home educating mother I absolutely depended on the reassuring articles shared by families who, like us, had decided to learn without school. It felt like I'd come home, found my tribe, people who understood why I felt so passionate about children and families learning together. Mulberry Magazine is a fresh new and inspiring homeschooling magazine that celebrates the experience of home education in an easy to read e-format.”  Beverley Paine,​

​"Mulberry is a veritable visual feast of whimsical wonderment. Stunning photographs blend with useful, easy-to-read content..." Hobart Natural Learners Co-Op

"I was so excited to see the release of Mulberry Magazine, a brand new digital homeschool magazine!​ From your first glimpse you can see that a great deal of thought, planning and preparation has gone into the magazine. The photography is stunning, the articles, informative, interesting and well written... This is a long overdue addition to the Australian Homeschooling Community and I am so happy that the Mulberry Magazine team have taken the plunge with this endeavour."   Kylie from

"Hi from your newest follower! I wanted to let you know that I love your magazine and look forward to reading your next issue. What a wonderful way to support the Australian homeschool community and empower other homeschooling families!​"   Suzie's Home Education Ideas

"I love it. The articles, stories and interviews are all relevant, captivating, and inspiring. Thank you for all your hard work and creativity. Well done, and all the best for many issues to come."   Angela Peime, homeschooler from Sydney

"How good it is to have an Australian homeschooling magazine! Thanks to the Mulberry team for this professional, relevant first edition. Loved the interviews and ideas...can't wait to see more!"   Sarah Andrew, homeschooler from the Central Coast, NSW

"Just wanted to send a quick email letting you know how much I loved your last magazine. It looks good, has great articles, and was a really enjoyable read. Thank you! You guys are awesome."   Alana Blase, homeschooler from northern NSW