Mulberry Magazine Issue 7


This digital edition of Mulberry Magazine is 102 pages packed full of wonderful interviews and articles for people at every stage of the homeschooling journey; whether you’re just considering it, are beginning your first year, or have been doing it for a while! Click the photo thumbnails to the left to preview a few articles inside. There’s also a full list of contents below.

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What you’ll find in Issue 7 of Mulberry Magazine:
  • Our friend Beverley Paine challenges the notion of early childhood education and the implicit pressures that come with it (for both kids and adults).
  • Meet the Sawatzkys – slow travelling Canadian worldschoolers currently in Portugal – hear about how they do school on the road, their approach and what they want for their kids.
  • What happens when your homeschooled child wants to go to school? We hear from a mum who’s adapting to that this year.
  • What about when you hear all these different ‘approaches to homeschooling’ but get caught up in working out ‘the best way’? We’ve got that covered too – learn how to find your homeschooling harmony.
  • We have a quick chat with 4 homeschooled teenagers to find out what they love about it and what they’re planning to do in the future.
  • Meet the mum who left behind busyness, stress and deadlines in pursuit of stillness and a simple life based on her childhood vision.
  • For the youngsters: Is counting the best way to learn numbers? Kathleen from RightStart Maths discusses the latest research and gives you practical ways to teach numbers in the most effective way.
  • We chat with Instagrammer @mamaliberated and find out about her family of ‘screen-lite radical unschoolers’.
  • Learn out about the practice of ‘Cabinets of Curiosity’ and hear how 3 families have integrated it into their homeschooling.
  • Are your kids looking for friends to send letters to? We discover how to get started with Pen Pals.
  • Make beautiful alphabet wall hangings with your kids using our flower pounding tutorial from Jo Ormsby.
  • The mama of a trilingual family writes about integrating languages with homeschooling.
  • And as the summer heat wears away… get the recipe for ‘Scones with Lime and Coconut Butter’ – Can we just say… oh my gosh, yes!

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