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Sick of the Question: “What About Socialisation”? Yeah, so are we…

Queensland mum of four, Sara, gives an insight into what socialisation really looks like for homeschooled children.

“It’s true that homeschooled kids are not socialised in the same way as schooled children. Yes, they will be missing out on the socialisation you get from school… They won’t only socialise with people their own age. They’ll be less likely to experience bullying. They won’t see the same friends every day whether they feel like it or not. Things will be different. But they’ll be different in the best way.”

Article Preview - That 'Socialisation' Question

What Dads Really Think of Home Education

We asked five Aussie fathers to tell us about their experience, their biggest fears and greatest joys with homeschooling.

“Ultimately we took the plunge knowing school would always be there but we could never take back our time with them while they were young. We’ve never looked back.” – Angus

“I wasn’t homeschooled myself, so homeschooling our boys wasn’t on my radar. In fact, our eldest went to a private school. Once we began homeschooling our eldest though, we decided it would be ‘all or nothing’ and now, all our boys are homeschooled.” – Joel

Article Preview - Dads share why they Homeschool

When Fear, Doubt and a Screaming Toddler Overwhelm You

Homeschooling multiple children of different ages is no easy task, and some days it just feels too hard. Aussie homeschool mum Michelle Morrow shares what she realised when she ‘gave up’ on homeschooling and put her kids back in school.

“I know how hard it is with little ones and homeschooling. With four children under 6, my first few years of homeschooling were filled with fear. I was always concerned that I wasn’t teaching my kids enough (although I had no yard stick for ‘enough’). My worrying made me a bit of a cranky homeschool mum because I had this constant anxiety that the lessons weren’t progressing fast enough and that I was ‘behind’…”

Article Preview - Should I send them to school

The Researcher’s Guide to Home Education

If you’re looking for the research behind reasons to homeschool, not just anecdotes, we lined this article up with you in mind. Dr Rebecca English (lecturer in Education at QUT) explores the reasons behind parents’ education choices.

“The effectiveness of home education in Australia is under-researched. In a field that is notoriously lacking in rigorous research, there is even less on the effectiveness of home education. Notably, the Select Committee on Home Education report focusing on student outcomes included an anecdotal section. The report listed research work by Cairns (2002) whose small scale study found 78% of home education graduates went on to universities of technical education, securing jobs in technical, scientific, teaching or nursing sectors.”

Article Preview - A researchers perspective on Home Education

Meet the Hughes Family

We caught up with homeschooling mum Kirsty to discuss how she managed to ‘de-school’ herself, what a ‘normal’ day looks like, and how she’s uniquely investigating history with her three boys.

“We come unstuck when we fill our days and those of our kids with worksheets and assessments, to the point where there is no time for the things that are worth observing.”

Article Preview - Meet the Hughes family

And that’s not all!

Here’s some other stuff we’ve packed in there for you:

  • How to Invite Maths into the Kitchen – Becky McIntosh looks at some of the more advanced ways of using maths while you cook with the kids.
  • When Things Go South – Education consultant Roy Meredith explores why it’s good for kids to fail.
  • Let’s Have a Cuppa – Beverley Paine pens an open letter about what advice she would impart to her younger self.
  • Cultivating a Language Rich Environment – Jessica Langford shows how you can help your children develop a positive relationship with language and literature.
  • 3 True Homeschool Experts – The Hughes boys (12, 9 & 7) share their favourite subjects and experiences.
  • Featured Instagrammer – @natalietrusler shares the inspiration behind her photos and teaching kids to live intentionally.
  • Homeschool Graduate – Danielle Carey talks with us about her experience of homeschooling and now career as a writer and private tutor.
  • Ideas for Getting Outside in Winter – Bec Wilson from The Fox Guild shares all sorts of quick tips, from nature walks to curling up in a rug and reading a book under a tree.
  • Mindfulness for Children – We have a quick chat with children’s author Lea McKnoulty about her book, ‘Making Mindful Magic’.
  • Special Needs Education Tools – We discuss toys and tools for kids on the autism spectrum with Kristen Van Heekeren.
  • “A letter to my girls…” – Jess Pilton pens a beautiful, raw and honest piece explaining what she wishes for her two daughters’ future.
  • As well as wooden toys reviews, book reviews, recipes and more…
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