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Annual Print Edition | 2016

While I'm constantly in awe of the new apps, devices and opportunities afforded by twenty first century technology, there's still nothing quite like print, is there?

From the very beginning we've wanted to see Mulberry magazine in print. You guys have stuck with us along this journey. Many of you have bought our quarterly digital issues, and we're so grateful for your support.

We're also incredibly fortunate to have had a bunch of amazing, generous and inspiring people write for and be interviewed in the first five digital issues of Mulberry. When we thought about doing a print edition, we knew we just had to feature their stories, in ink on a page. So that's why this Annual Print Edition is a 'best of' collection.

Whether you've read some of these articles previously, or are doing so for the first time, we know you'll love the heart and passion for home educating that is so evident in the pages.

And best of all, you can put a copy in the hands of that person in your life who doesn't quite get what this homeschool thing is all about, and say: "This, right here, is why I love homeschooling my kids. This is what we do."

Almost a year ago, I stood on stage at an Australian homeschooling conference as part of a panel, and was asked, as a homeschool graduate myself, why I'm passionate about promoting home learning through Mulberry Magazine. It was an easy question to answer.

I do this because I'm passionate about creating an authentic, down-to-earth representation of what homeschooling and unschooling really looks like.

I want to show the beauty in the everyday moments and honour each parent, mum and dad, who takes this journey alongside their children. Learning looks different in every home. I know each family has their own way of doing things - structured or unstructured - and their own style of homeschooling or unschooling that works for them.

But the aim of Mulberry is to unite and gather homeschoolers around the world, to celebrate the wonderful differences in approach, and focus on what we have in common... that we are choosing what is still considered an alternate path, outside the norms of society.

Like every parent, we are doing what we feel is best for our children, regardless of how hard it is at times. And that is a beautiful thing!

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Grace Koelma


Grace is a wife, mum to 1-year-old Leo, and editor of Mulberry Magazine. She believes that home educating starts from 0 not 6 years, but is glad not to have to worry about registration... yet! You can find her sharing snippets of her love of real food, picture books and homeschool on Instagram at @littlesoulfires