Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the digital issues, subscriptions and the print edition?

Back when we started Mulberry Magazine in mid-2015, we wanted to be a low-cost startup, so we focused on releasing quarterly 80-page digital editions in PDF format. Five issues and 14 months later, in October 2016, our Annual Print Edition launched, which is a 128-page
'Best Of' edition, featuring our favourite articles and stories from the first five issues.

We will continue to publish digital magazines on a quarterly basis, in March, June, September and December.

We also have annual digital subscriptions for $34.99/year (recurring annual payment)​. You can find out more about that here. We don't currently have a subscription for the Annual Print Edition.

Do I have to purchase with PayPal?

We use PayPal as a third-party platform to securely process your payments. PayPal is the most trusted and secure payment gateway on the internet. You do have the option to pay via Credit Card or Visa (see below image), but you still need to check out as a guest with PayPal (but don't need to sign up). If you're having issues with this process, just email us:

Why is your Annual Print Edition a lot pricier than other magazines on the local newsstand?

Affordability is something we're very aware of, particularly for single-income families. But the reality is that we're still a small, niche publication and therefore our printing costs are higher than those magazines you see for $10 in the newsagent, because we do smaller print runs. 

We do accept advertising, but we limit the proportion per issue. To maintain the integrity and style of our magazine, we don't accept banner ads and instead work in collaboration with like-minded businesses to provide valuable content for readers. There are also running costs behind-the-scenes that are factored into the price of our products. We only distribute our publications via this website, and it's really important that your online shopping experience with us is as smooth as possible. We personally handle everything from magazine design to website operations, through customer support emails at all hours of the night and day. 

And lastly, the reality is that a magazine of this quality and style takes hundreds of hours to produce, with a small team of part-time homeschool mums. We're providing employment for these homeschool mums, and want to make sure they're paid fairly for the incredible work they do, while also homeschooling their kids and managing their homes. We reckon that's worth paying a little bit extra per issue for!

What's the 'why' behind the look and feel of your magazine?

Homeschooling has historically been portrayed in the media and society as being 'weird' and 'dorky', but we know there's much more to it than meets the eye. Mulberry Magazine was born out of a desire to see high-quality, beautifully designed and photographed stories about homeschoolers shared with an Australian and international audience. Compared to books, magazines are image-heavy in terms of content distribution and rely on excellent photography. While we choose high-quality images in terms of resolution and dpi, we look for authenticity in each photo in the way that it represents every day homeschoolers, like you and me. We're aware that too many 'perfect photos' can project an image of unrealistic perfectionism, so we're always striving to portray the real, sometimes chaotic, beautiful mess that occurs when you live and learn at home.

Annual Print Edition | 2016
Annual Print Edition | 2016
How do you find homeschool families to interview and contributors to write articles?

There are so many ways we come across the families and writers that end up within the Mulberry pages. Occasionally those families reach out to us, and sometimes we get in touch with them, usually via social media. Instagram is probably where we connect most with our audience via our #mulberrychildhood and #mulberrymama hashtags. If you have a blog, that's a great way for us to connect with you as well. 

If you're interested in contributing to an upcoming issue, or having your family featured in an interview get in touch:

Do you give refunds?

Good question! Due to the nature of our digital PDF editions, we don't give refunds. But we have a feeling you're going to love what you read, if these comments are anything to go by!

If you've purchased an annual digital subscription, we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you change your mind.

I want to buy a digital issue or annual subscription as a gift for a friend. Can I do that?

Absolutely. Just send us an email, so we can create a custom gift certificate for you: