Mulberry Magazine is a quarterly digital magazine and Annual Print Edition created by homeschoolers, for homeschoolers. In a world where choosing a life outside school is still very counter-cultural, we're building a community of like-minded families who are journeying alongside each other on this path of life and learning.

Our Mulberry annual print edition and quarterly digital issues are designed to connect and uplift YOU, mama. You're the full time carer, co-learner and a woman with your own dreams, skills and passions. 

Grace Koelma

Each issue also features articles explaining various homeschool approaches, natural learning, how to tailor learning to suit your child's unique interests and needs, and suggestions for hands-on activities. We discuss current home learning hot topics, ways to help our kids make friends and build confidence, and how to thrive and connect in the real world.

The very nature of homeschooling can make us feel like it's all about our children (and a great deal of it is!) but it's also about OUR journey. We know that so often, learning happens as a family and we want our magazine to reflect that.

Grace Koelma

We are co-learning alongside our children, modelling that 'an education' isn't just something you get between the ages of 5-18, it's a lifelong attitude and pursuit. Each article is designed to help fill your well as a homeschooling mother and help you find your village.

We feature stories from all styles and forms of home education, homeschooling, unschooling and alternative schooling, both faith-based and secular. We want each issue to encourage, inspire and connect brave parents who sacrifice their time, personal space, sanity and so much more because of the value they place on their child's education. 

It would be wonderful for you to join us for this beautiful journey we call learning and life.

With love,​

and the whole Mulberry Magazine Team.